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Resident Notice: Rothschild/Schofield Joint BUS HWY 51 Trail Bypass Project

Rothschild - Schofield Joint BUS HWY 51 Trail Bypass Project

Dear Homeowner/Tenant:

The Village of Rothschild has been working jointly with City of Schofield on this project since 2018. The project is a recipient of grant funding for the work in excess of $700,000 in federal funds (through WisDOT) for the proposed trail work. The project consisted of a core project route and an alternate route in the case of land acquisition difficulties.

The original proposed project has a reach that spans from Lili Lane in Rothschild, behind the VA Clinic to the old railroad grade at West Grand Avenue, north on the old Union Pacific railroad (RR) grade parallel to the current Watco/Foxy line, into the City of Schofield jurisdictional limits at Kort Street, then northerly in Schofield continuing use of the old RR corridor to Schofield Avenue in the City of Schofield.

The project has encountered difficulty in acquiring a small portion of land that would make the old RR corridor (Village owned) contiguous to West Grand Avenue. This small portion of land in need is currently presumed to be under ownership of the Watco/Foxy rail system but there is ambiguity in the real-estate records. These ambiguities are forcing the project to instead utilize one of the approved alternate routes.

Rothschild and Schofield have agreed to eliminate the use of the old RR in Rothschild between Kort Street and West Grand Avenue, and instead utilize the undeveloped lands adjacent to the Rothschild Water Utility facility on the west side of West Grand Avenue to Kort Street for a multi-use bike and pedestrian trail. Kort Street will be designated for on street bike use.

The image included as part of this letter shows Alternate #1 along west Grand Avenue and is identified with the RED dashed line. The double YELLOW line is what is being eliminated from the project.

However, the City of Schofield has requested that the Village of Rothschild continue to pursue acquisition of the RR lands for future placement and use of a multi-use trail mirroring the proposed original trail after this project has been completed (double YELLOW line).

The project is expected to be bid out this summer with a commencement of work as early as late summer or fall.

If you have questions, please contact me at the Village Hall at 715-359-3660 or at

Timothy D. Vergara, PE
Administrator of Public Works

CC:  Michael Grage - WisDOT Bree L Richardson - WisDOT
Mark Thuot - City of Schofield DPW Todd Halvensleben - Vierbicher
Ryan VanDeWalle - Rothschild Administrator Attachment: None.

Kort St Trail