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Urban Forestry Resources

Wisconsin DNR Department of Forestry

An Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Guide for Homeowners

The Wisconsin Emerald Ash Borer Program offers an EAB Guide for Homeowners to help identify threats to your ash tree's health. There are different considerations for insecticide treatments that a resident may consider. Do your part to stop the emerald ash borer and don't move firewood.

Gary L. Parsons, from the Department of Entomology at Michigan State University, has developed an Emerald Ash Borer- Guide to Identification which you may find helpful in determining what you see in your own neighborhood. Please contact Village Forester Greg Seefeldt at 715-212-8940 with any questions or if you identify the emerald ash borer at your residence.

The Village is actively involved in doing what it can to control the emerald ash borer and has completed a Tree Inventory & EAB Readiness Plan.

More information about EAB may be found at:

Removing Invasive Plants From Your Woods 1/21/2013

Keep your woods healthy, beautiful and full of wildlife by taking steps now to keep invasive plants from taking over.Rid Your Woods of Invasive Plants - YouTube as fall turns to winter.

Buckthorn Removal

The Village will also be cutting and removing Buckthorn, an invasive plant species, on the island located west of the Rothschild Pavilion as part of the urban foresty grant in the near future.

Spraying for Garlic Mustard

The Village of Rothschild is spraying for Garlic Mustard along the Cedar Creek Trail from its trail head at Military Road to the bridge on Business 51.

Garlic Mustard is an invasive species/plant that when left uncontroled can choke out native plants. This activity is part of an urban forestry grant to the Village from the WDNR.

Trimming of Oak Trees

Trimming of oak trees is not allowed, per Village Ordinance, from April 1st - October 1st as a measure to prevent oak wilk from spreading within in the Village.