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Understanding your Property Lines Using the Geographical Information System or GIS

As part of any project in the Village in regard to your property, it is very important to know where your property lines are in relation to your neighbors and the public right of way.  Property lines are often misunderstood and misinterpreted.  Property lines are very important in the placement of a new structures including garages, sheds, fences, driveways, etc.  Unfortunately the Village and its staff does not locate your property lines and it is the responsibility homeowner.

The link below is a resource provided by Marathon County Planning and Zoning and is very useful in understanding where property lines are located. The application has the ability to load aerial photography as well as show your property lines.

Marathon County Land Information Mapping System (GIS)

Iron or metal pins or pipes are often located at the corners of property lines.  Many times they are buried under a few inches of soil since they have likely been in the ground for many years.

The Village offers it’s residents a metal detector to help find these pins or pipes.  All you need to do is present a copy of your driver’s license and house number where you will be using the unit and you can take it for 24 hours; free of charge.  Unfortunately the Village and staff does not locate your property lines or pins as that is the responsibly of the home owner.

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