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Know Your H2O

Monthly Rothschild Waterworks Operator Report

Jan 2024

  • The Rothschild Water Utility water usage average is 425,000 gallons per day (GPD).

  • The current average water temperature is 45-51 °F in the Brown Boulevard Tower.

  • The current average water temperature is 31-36 °F in the Cedar Creek Tower.

  • Water Surplus and Becher Hoppe have continued work on the PFAS Pilot Study at the Rothschild Water Treatment facility. Craig or I perform daily recordings and water sampling(s) as required for the pilot study which saves outside contractor costs.  We sample again January 9, 2024.  The data results that we have been receiving look very positive for the removal of the PFAS for all media types.

  • The current 2024 maintenance projects per WDNR requirements are scheduled for the Water Utility. All work will include entail WDNR inspection reports and be submitted as required.  
    1. Inspection of the waste/backwash/recycle tanks: January or early February of 2024.
    2. Inspection of both the Brown Boulevard Water Tower and the Cedar Creek Water Tower requires a strategic partial drain-down: Summer of 2024.
    3. Reservoir cleaning and inspection, Work will include complete draining, cleaning, inspection, and disinfection for the 70,000 and the 89,000-gallon underground reservoirs: April 2024.

  • Current Rothschild Water Well Output Summary:
  1. Well #3 -1,000 GPM (On-line)
  2. Well #4 - 450 GPM (On-line)
  3. Well #5 - 585 GPM (On-line)
  4. Well #6 -1,000 GPM (On-line)

  • Craig and I have started some of the winter projects that cannot be completed during the summer months due to high water use. Some examples of the work will be to change an air actuated butterfly valve, draining/cleaning of the filter tanks, clean the waste tank, and prepare it for inspection(s).

Rothschild Water Filter Tank Cleaning 2024 1 Rothschild Water Filter Tank Cleaning 2024 2

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Stoviak
Lead Water Works Operator