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Fall 2021 Leaf Pick-Up

Fall 2021 Leaf Pick-up (See Map): The Village will again be picking up leaves for 2 weeks in a row in 2021; or back-to-back weeks. Keep materials free of rocks and large pieces of wood. 

The first week of leaf pick-up will be October 25 and the second week will be November 1

Please do not rake your leaves into the street until the day before your scheduled pick-up. By doing so you will be reducing the chance for leaves to be washed down the storm drain and into the Wisconsin River. 

Leaves are a point source of Phosphorus and Rothschild, along with the Wausau Metro, is mandated by the WDNR to make reductions to Phosphorus discharges to the Wisconsin River.

The collected materials are picked-up, combined, then hauled to the Village’s compost area. The materials are monitored and turned to produce a recycled topsoil material. This material is then screened and reused as part of the restoration on Village DPW and Capital Projects. The Village did purchase a topsoil screener and did provide ALL the reclaimed and recycled topsoil that was used by contractors for the restoration of both Village reconstruction projects this year.

If you miss the leaf pick-up, the Village will not return for spot pick-ups as this is not efficient and time consuming.  It is then the recipient’s responsibility to move those materials to our drop off site located at 1001 Leon Street.

2021 Fall Leaf Pick-Up Schedule